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All Real Estate Investors NEED a Financial Statement
Every deal you work on with any type of lender starts with a financial fitness review. Your ability to obtain money should not start with a random template you download on the internet!!!
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Randy Hughes Financial Statement
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Questions Your Banker Will Ask
Did you know that your financial statement can be your key to obtaining thousands of dollars?
Good Assets & Liabilities
What assets and liabilities give you the most success to obtain the loan you want.
When to Give Personal Info
Your Financial Data is PRIVATE!!! I show you when to give up the most important information...
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I feel about Bankers & Other Topics
If you believe the banker only looks at your credit report then... YOU ARE WRONG! In my eBook you will find the answer to putting the best financial portfolio in front of lenders. In this game, it is all about access to information.

Will You Give The Right Information?
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